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A call to the GNU/Linux Community

Nota: Este es un blog en castellano, este es un caso especial.

There's a game studio made by only two people, that released an excellent game for Windows, called World of Goo. I recently saw that the piracy on this game is over 95%, and it's only a 20 dollars game.

This game is being pirated because it's really good, but with the same mindlessness that they pirate big chain's 40 or 60 dollar games. And that's something that's completely unfair, because this isn't some impersonal game chain, here they are going against a pair of extremely imaginative programmers that released an addictive, intelligent and anything but monotonous game,

The game also features a generous whole chapter demo, so you can't complain that you can't test it before buying it.

Now, the fun begins. Some of you will ask, what does this have to do with Linux anyway? Easy to answer. Lately this programmers are working in a Linux native port, and that gives us an amazing opportunity.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if Linux users bought more original copies than Windows users. I can answer what could happen. Those innovative programmers will make next game for Linux, and not Windows.

Even more, when the Linux version of World of Goo is released and we buy a lot of copies, this will bring a press release of enormous importance "There are more Original copies of a Linux version of a game sold than for Windows". This sends three important messages: There are games for Linux, there's money to be made programming for Linux and, more important of all, there's no need for anticopy systems under Linux to make people buy the games.

This is why I make this political declaration: I'm now saving the 20 dollars to buy the game once it's released for Linux. I strongly suggest you all do the same.

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  1. Liiinks! Don't fear the links. Help us help you ;)

    Now I have to google for it...

  2. You are right, my bad. http://2dboy.com/games.php

  3. Your idea has legs on my blog!

  4. No me parece correcto comprar un juego solo por hacerme notar. Si quieren que me lo compre, que lo liberen con licencia GPL o Creative Commons, pero que no vengan ahora a pedirnos ayuda a nosotros.

  5. Es un punto de vista respetable, pero ellos no estan pidiendo ayuda, yo estoy organizando esto.
    Y exigir la GPL es ir en contra de la libertad de ellos de no usarla, si favorecemos toda la libertad, esa también existe.

  6. Btw, I just wanted to let you know that after the success of this post, I started a second blog, in english, called Too Much Information.

    So, if you like or are trying to figure out if you like how I write, go to http://gedece-en.blogspot.com/ to find more.

  7. I recall, years ago, that Teppy of "A Tale in the Desert" (http://www.atitd.com/) reported Linux users as the most loyal of his users (compared to other OS users, Linux users stayed paying customers longer).

  8. That's true, a common misconception is that most Linux users like to have everything for no money at all, but I think it's more along the lines of we like to decide what to pay for and what to get without paying, because that's also a part of our freedom, and that's more important than money.

  9. Just bought my copy: picasaweb(dot)google(dot)com/lh/photo/2fT3X7zEvgZXfNLtfyvLlg?feat=directlink

    Awesome game!!

    Viva la GNU/Linux!!

    Shannon VanWagner

  10. Great Shannon, I did the same, I'm enjoying it a lot :)